Marco Wilms
Film / Funk, Bildung

Marco Wilms is director and producer of HELDENFILM.
He studied directing at HFF Potsdam Babelsberg.

Heldenfilm produces cinema released feature length documentaries, and arthouse tv programmes for ARTE, ZDF; ORF; AVRO; MDR, NDR; DR; YLE; TV Ontario, France 5, VRT, RTBF, ETV...
Topics are: Human interest, unique characters from all over the world, culture, adventure and art.
Heldenfilm is member of EDN and AGDOK.

Director Marco Wilms films went to festivals like BERLINALE; IDFA, Vision du reel Nyon, Silverdocs, DOK Leipzig, Kassel, FF Max Ophüls Preis, UFVA (First Kodak Prize), Sevilla (Golden Giraldillo), Docpoint Helsinki, FF Krakow... and win several adwards there. He speaks Thai and did a few films in Vietnam, China and Thailand.

Marco Wilms was teaching film in Vietnam and Thailand (for DAAD), in Russia (for GOETHE INSTITUT), in Berlin Germany (for HDK), and taught pitching in Lisbon (for EDN).

Alte Schönhauser Strasse 14 | 10119 Berlin [ Mitte ]

Fon: +49 30 25816631 [Büro]


Marco Wilms was born in 1966 in former East Berlin, GDR. He became a tool maker, graphics designer and state certified model in the GDR. Wilms studied stage design and art direction. In 1993 and 1998, DAAD scholarship in the US and Thailand at the Film Department of Thammasat University. He finished directing studies at the HFF Potsdam in 2001. Marco Wilms was teaching film in Vietnam and Thailand (for DAAD), in Russia (for GOETHE INSTITUT), in Berlin (for HDK), and taught pitching in Lisbon (for EDN).
Director Marco Wilms films won various awards.

selected filmography:

LIKAY STAR - Vom Dschungel in die Thai-Oper
D 2013 | 43/ 52 / 74 min. | Regie: Marco Wilms

Resampling the Past
D 2010 | 16 min. | Regie: Marco Wilms

Peter Weibel - My Life
Peter Weibel - Mein Leben
D 2010 | 52 min. | Regie: Marco Wilms

Into the Night with Christopher Doyle and Nonzee Nimibutr
Durch die Nacht mit Christopher Doyle und Nonzee Nimibutr
D 2010 | 52 min. | Regie: Marco Wilms

Comrade Couture
Ein Traum in Erdbeerfolie
D 2009 | 82 min. | Regie: Marco Wilms

Horses in Oils
Pferde in Öl
D 2007 | 26 min. | Regie: Marco Wilms

The Future is Now! The Art Avant-Garde of China conquers the Market (Series)
Die Zukunft ist Jetzt! Chinas Kunst Avant-Garde erobert den Markt (Serie)
D 2007 | 4x 26min. | Regie: Marco Wilms, Ilka Franzmann

Light Art (Series)
Lichtkunst (Serie)
D 2006 | 3x 26min | Regie: Marco Wilms

Tailor Made Dreams
Maßgeschneiderte Träume
D 2006 | 87 min. | Regie: Marco Wilms

Hunde Helden in Thailand
D 2005 | 43 min. | Regie: Marco Wilms

Berlin Vortex
D 2003 | 80min. | Regie: Marco Wilms

Naam Djai - The River of the Heart
Naam Djai - Der Fluß des Herzens
D 2000 | 65 min. | Regie: Marco Wilms
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