Barbara Zander
Film / Funk

Lara Juliette Sanders studied Journalism and Business Management at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich.
Afterwards she worked as an editor and commissioning editor for several departments e.g. economy and youth for WDR productions and tm3.
Thereafter she began developing international series, magazines and features for among others Bavaria Films, the ZDF and the BR.
At the same time she started working as continuity and as an assistant director for several HFF projects, such as for “Talks”, a short film directed by Mickel Rentsch.
Since 2000 she has worked among others as junior producer and assistant director for Haifisch Entertainment, Munich, and as an assistant director for instance for “Ein Fall für zwei”, Odeon.
Now she is directing, producing and co-producing worldwide, e.g. Europe, North/ Middle America and Africa for Lombardo Films/ Munich.

Tengstrasse 22 | 80798 München [ Schwabing-West ]
Tengstrasse 22 | 80798 München [ Schwabing-West ]

Fon: +49 89 21667636 [Büro]


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