Jens Hoffmann
Film / Funk, Journalist

Regie, Kamera, Autor

| München [ Au/Haidhausen ]

Fon: +49 89 62439237 [Büro]


Director, DoP and Cameraman Jens Hoffmann, was born and raised in the Black Forest, Germany. A long-time professional athlete (skiing), he had his first experience in working with 16mm film in 1993, while studying Communications and Journalism. As a producer in sports television since 1993, he went on to specialize in alternative sports and later in motor sports, including two years working as a producer on the Formula 1 circuit for digital television.

A stint as co-director and producer for the German broadcast station RTL and BOGNER-Film was ultimately followed by an IMAX film in 1998.

In the 90s he developed his own style for directing and camera-work, primarily in the field of lifestyle and underground films.

Since 2000 Hoffmann has been working as a commercial director. He founded F24 Film, his own production company, in the same year. F24 has built a reputation for high quality corporate movies. In recent years, his work has been more focused on documentaries. Nevertheless, the majority of his recent commercial work has received several awards:

The corporate movie „characters“, produced in 2005 for the Tourist Board of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, won First Prize at the Film Awards of the International Tourism Fair (ITB) in Berlin

The 2006 production of the official presentation of Garmisch-Partenkirchen as the host of the 2011 FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships was a key part of the winning presentation of the organizational comitte.

The PLAZA-Media production of the official FIFA World Cup 2006 „City Profiles“, directed by Jens Hoffmann, won the Silver Artist award at the HD Festival, Munich.

The most recent production is a 40-minute documentary „Fatima´s Hand“, produced by F24, and has garnered the following awards:

Banff Mountain Festivals 2006, Canada: BEST FILM ON MOUNTAIN SPORTS

The 8th Explorers Festival, Poland: Grand prize – The Golden Frame Award

Hope and Dreams Film Festival 2006, New Jersey: BEST FILM OF THE FESTIVAL

Sports movies & TV Milano International Festival 2006, Italy: BEST DOCUMENTARY

Festival du Film des Diablerets 2006, Switzerland: Swatch Grand Prize

Festival Internacional de Cine del Aire 2006, Spain: BEST FILM OF ALL CATEGORIES

Cervino International Film Festival 2006, Italy: Special Mention of the Jury

Inka Fest Mountain Film 2006, Peru: Special Mention of the Jury

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