Matt Sweetwood
Film / Funk

After earning a B.A at UMKC and California State University San Diego, Television and Film Department in 1990, Matt Sweetwood developed professional skills with an emphasis in writing and directing. Between San Diego and L.A. he worked as production manager, writer, and assistant director on various independent projects. In 1995 he moved to Berlin, Germany, starting a career as a writer with the agency Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt, working on both fiction narrative and documentary film productions. His documentaries include "Homemade Hillbilly Jam" [co-writer and editor] which has toured theaters and festivals, now in international DVD distribution.

His documentary as co-director for ZDF das Kleine Fernsehspeil “Forgetting Dad” with Rick Minnich [co-director and editor] received the Prädikat besonders wertvoll award, and Special Jury Award at IDFA. Currently the winner of 2009 Dokuwettbewerb with BR, Telepool, for "Beerland" which he wrote and directed. Matt Sweetwood is currently the owner of Sweetwood Films (UG) based in Potsdam, Germany.


Gierson Trust Award, 'Best Historical Documentary' UK 2012

Short List German Film Award 'Lola' 2011 (German Oscar)

Dokuwettbewerb, BR-Telepool, 2009 Cinema Development Award, 1st Place

Honorable Mention Achtung Berlin – New Berlin Film Award

Audience Award Ippokrates International Health Film Festival, Kos (Greece)

William Dieterle Filmpreis (Special Prize), Germany

Grand Jury Prize, GZDOC, Guangzhou (China)

Special Jury Award Joris Ivens Competition - IDFA, Documentary Festival Amsterdam

Prize of the State Film Service Rheinland-Pfalz, 22nd Video/Filmtage Koblenz (Germany)

Kurfürsten 13 | 14467 Potsdam

Fon: +49 0169 93862920 [Büro]


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