Introduction to AG DOK

The German Documentary Association / AG DOK ...

... is the largest professional association of independent producers in Germany, numbering more than 800 members. It is first and foremost a film and media lobbyist for the documentary genre, but is open to representatives from all film genres.

a.. works to prevent documentaries from vanishing from television screens and movie theatres.

b.. advocates a fair division of rights between broadcasters and independent producers

c.. becomes involved wherever and whenever film politics are debated in Germany.

d.. commissions studies and legal reports relating to independent film production in order to provide solid arguments in film political debates.

e.. provides its members with legal consultation and, in some cases, assistance in lawsuits.

f.. provides free legal consultation with established media lawyers for every contract.

g.. is constructing a platform for effi cient foreign sales of German documentaries through the initiative "German Documentaries" in cooperation with "German Films."
... cordially welcomes each and every new member.

h.. organizes presentations of German documentaries at foreign festivals, and meetings with colleagues from other countries in cooperation with "German Films."

i.. furthers discussions about the documentary genre at meetings and conferences.

j.. offers filmmakers and producers opportunities to exchange views and information on a local level.

k.. offers its members copies of the film newsletter "black box", the association's own newsletter, and other relevant information from the film industry.

l.. offers its members discounted memberships to the European Documentary Network EDN.

m.. represents the interests of documentary filmmakers in the governing boards of the Copyright Association of German Artists, Photographers and Filmmakers (VG Bild- Kunst) and the German Federal Film Board (FFA).

n.. commissions studies of broadcast slots and license fees.
Introduction to German Documentaries